Difficult & Evasive Service of Process
Is your subject or avoiding service? Do you anticipate the person or business becoming evasive? Do you need multiple parties served simultaneously?

No answer at the door? Roommates or business associates covering for them? Rural location?

When an opposing party or critical witness is avoiding through the usual means of process service our highly effective evasive service techniques are the answer.

Get a proof of service, not another declaration! Evasive & Hard to Serve Subjects is our Specialty!
When determining the facts surrounding any alleged injury or incident, it is critical to conduct a thorough investigation in the early stages before witnesses forget the circumstances and evidence is lost or misplaced.

We have the ability to properly conduct interviews and obtain statements from plaintiffs, claimants, witnesses, defendants and insured parties.

Allow us to successfully retrieve all of the facts regarding the accident, insured loss, fire etc...
Activity Check
An Activities Check is a precursor to surveillance.

We physically locate a subject's residence and determine if there are potential signs that the person may be involved in physical activity.

We also check for vehicles including recreational and other equipment wich may suggest claimant activity.

The investigator will also discretely contact neighbors to gather additional information about the level of a claimant's activity. An Activities Check will assist in determining when surveillance will be most successful.
Civil/Criminal Background
Background checks at the local, state, county and multiple states level.

We have several different background checks for each state and for differing levels of depth to meet your specific background check needs. If you would like additional information, do not hesitate to call us. We strive to accommodate our clients needs.
Locate/Skip Trace
Missing person, locate someone, find an address. Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place.

Obviously, some people are harder to locate than others. Those wanted by law enforcement, hiding from creditors, and others may require more work to locate than the average person. We encourage you to tell us as much as possible about the person we are trying to locate ahead of time so we can give you an accurate perspective about the time and cost required.
Nothing does a better job of demonstrating the truth than video. S D Childs Investigative Services investigators are experts in surveillance. It is what we do and who we are. We are out in the field daily and use state of the art equipment to make sure the case is worked the right way, the first time.

All of our reports contain action photos taken from the actual surveillance video, as well as identification photos of the subject.

The finished product is available to the client in the client’s choice of format. CD, DVD etc...
Spousal Infidelity
Infidelity is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to any relationship. It can be overwhelming and disrupt your life. We are committed to get the proof you need so that you can move forward with your life.

Confidentially is our top priority. Let us handle your case discreetly and accurately. The initial consultation is free.
Cell Phone Data Recovery 
Recover lost cell phone data from your phone.

The recovery of data might not always be possible. Depending on the specific make and model, recovery depends on whether or not the information has been overwritten with new information.
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